The 45 Year AAR Cuda & Challenger T/A 2015 Reunion at Carlisle
July 2015
From the HH Files

On behalf of the Carlisle Events staff, Bob Tarozzi, Jeff Bangert & myself we would like to thank everyone for coming! We all had a great time and it was good to meet new people & see several old friends again!

Thanks also to the entire Carlisle staff for hosting this event for us for the third time. From event planning to designing the reunion logo & banners for us, they always support our efforts and treat us so well!

The seminars on Friday & Saturday were very well attended with lots of great questions. Thanks also for everyone's patience, due to the large amount of people stopping by it was hectic at times and we know that you occasionally had to wait several minutes to talk to Jeff or myself.

The mangled T/A fender we used as the guest list also proved to be very popular, it received a lot more signatures than the one we used in 2010.

I would also like to thank D.J. & Bob for turning in broadcast sheets they had found at the show, I also found one for an AAR on my doorstep when I returned home from Carlisle on Thursday, it was a new number to me. All of the items turned in were added to our 'found' section here in the days following the show.

Thanks also to Dennis Drake, he has volunteered his time at all three reunions so far, helping with setup, coordination during the show & take down & cleanup after everyone else has left.

There are souvenir Reunion can koozies left over in five colors as well, so I should be able to accommodate anyone that wants one until they are gone. They are $6.00 each plus whatever the postage will be to get them to you. Click on the contact page to email me about them.

Total show count was even for the first time also! 23 AARs & 23 T/As & one tribute car each for a total count of 48. Now we can start planning the AAR & T/A 50 Year Reunion in 2020!

Barry Washington

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Reunion Guest List "Before"
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Reunion Guest List "After"
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