Elkton 2006
All pictures in this photo album are courtesy of Stewart, DickO, Mike and Jason

July, 2006. In the small town of Elkton, Minnesota (pop. 150) was the largest gathering of 68 SS Hemi Darts and Barracudas seen in a long time. Something on the order of 35 to 40 of the 68 Super Stock Hemi cars were in attendance. Also, about 200/300 other Chrysler cars. The event was billed as a 68 Hemi SS Reunion. Notable famous people in attendance, Buddy Martin, Dick Oldfield, Butch Leal, Arlen Vanke, Don Grotheer, Judy Lily, Linda Vaughan, Larry Griffith, Lee Smith, Dick Landy, Dave Christie and others. The weather was in the 100's but the cars all made up for that discomfort. I can hardly wait until the 40th Anniversary of those special cars.

Image: Butch - Linda - Carmine
Image: Butch 1
Image: Butch 2
Image: Carmine - Butch

Image: Carmine Dart 1
Image: Carmine Dart
Image: Christie - Oldfield 2
Image: Christie - Oldfield 3

Image: Christie - Oldfield
Image: Christie SM $ car 2
Image: Christie SM $ car
Image: Comet

Image: Dart  Bagshaw
Image: Dart Bagshaw 2
Image: Dart motor
Image: Dart on lift

Image: Day Break
Image: Dick Dart 2
Image: Dick Dart 3
Image: Dick Dart 4

Image: Dick Dart
Image: Dick's Dart 2
Image: Dick's Dart 3
Image: Dick's Dart 4

Image: Dick's Dart 5
Image: Dick's Dart 6
Image: Dick's Dart
Image: download

Image: Grotheer RR
Image: Jack Thomas
Image: Jenkins Camaro
Image: Jenkins Dart

Image: Kessler Dart
Image: L Smith 2
Image: L Smith
Image: Landy - Todd 2

Image: Landy - Todd
Image: Landy 3
Image: Landy Challenger
Image: Landy Dart

Image: Landy motor
Image: Landy
Image: Leal  Dart 2
Image: Leal Dart

Image: Lee Smith motor 2
Image: Lee Smith motor
Image: Lee Smith
Image: Linda - Judy

Image: Linea cars  7
Image: Linea cars 10
Image: Linea cars 11
Image: Linea cars 12

Image: Linea cars 13
Image: Linea cars 14
Image: Linea cars 16
Image: Linea cars 17

Image: Linea cars 19
Image: Linea cars 2
Image: Linea cars 4
Image: Linea cars 5

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