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January 2017

Hammy New Year Everyone!

No items were claimed in December.

Our first IOTM for 2017 is a broadcast sheet for a 1970 Challenger T/A, the VIN is JH23J0B311164 - This car is one of the scarcer colors on a T/A, EB7 - Dark Blue Metallic. EB7 is the second scarcest paint color known of the 1,495 T/As recorded so far.

This sheet also has a printer error, a skip made some of the data print too far to the right.

As always, proof of legal ownership & proof the car still exists will be required to claim this item.

There is also a brand new page on Facebook called The 1970 AAR Cuda & Challenger T/A Facts & History Page. You can find it at The 1970 AAR Cuda & Challenger T/A Facts & History Page if you would like to join into the discussions.

Barry Washington

February 2017

Two more items were claimed in January!

With our second IOTM for 2017, I would like to mention some details about Y09 cars. They are commonly referred to as 'export' cars, but technically it is more accurate to say they are cars 'ordered from overseas'.

What is the difference?

Well, some Y09 cars were actually exported while a fair number of them were not. Chrysler had a Military Sales Program for active duty personnel stationed overseas who wanted to order a new car. So, if a serviceman stationed in Germany or Vietnam (as two examples) ordered a new car though this program, it would have been shipped to a dealership of his choice for pick up on his return to the states.

This is one reason that Y09 cars exist with N95 - Evaporative Emissions Control which was required for sale of new cars in California. If ordered from a Pacific duty station & the serviceman was returning via a base in San Francisco or San Diego & he wanted to pick up his new car close by, N95 would have been required.

If you have a 1970 Y09 car & would like to know if it was ordered by a US serviceman from overseas, check your broadcast sheet Y codes for Y09 Y11 & Y14. Y11 indicates 'Domestic Publications' which would have included an invoice from the factory to the destination dealership as well as a US dealer (domestic) on the window sticker. Y14 indicates that a deposit was placed at time of order. Here is an example of the Y09 Y11 Y14 combination on a broadcast sheet;

So for our current item of the month, we have a Y09 Y11 Y14 car ordered from overseas via the Military Sales Program for a 1970 Barracuda Gran Coupe with a 318, the VIN is BP23G0B234498 - Thanks for sending it in Earl!

As always, proof of legal ownership & proof the car still exists will be required to claim this item.

Barry Washington

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