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Last Updated: July 31, 2015

Welcome to, the Official Website of the Registries for all the 1970 models built at the Hamtramck & LA assembly plants. All are accepted regardless of condition or engine size. VIN and code information from parts cars & parted cars is appreciated as well! To register, please click on the 'REGISTER' button at left to print out the form. We are also home to the largest FOUND section of its kind, so be sure to check for your VIN in that section, it is updated as new items are found & sent in. The registries & found section are maintained by Barry Washington at:

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Current 1970 Registry counts =>     Hamtramck: 11,624         Los Angeles: 2,605

Found Item of the Month — August 2015
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No items were claimed in July, but 14 more broadcast sheets either came in the mail or were handed over in person at the Carlisle show. All 14 items have been added to the 'found' section here. Thanks to everyone that got them to me!

For August, we have a broadcast sheet for a 1970 Barracuda convertible with a 318, the VIN on it is BH27G0B125574. The matching car was for sale on Ebay back in 2003, so the chance that it still exists should be pretty good. It did have a Wisconsin State assigned VIN at the time, so the legal VIN on the car now is 00BH27G0B125574WI .

This sheet is also the first one I have seen with this exact note on the bottom "VOOIID ANDDD DEESTTRROOY WILLL RS" - bad printer stutter for sure! It should have read 'VOID AND DESTROY WILL RS' so I am sure that the RS stands for 'reschedule'.

(Click image above to enlarge)

I have heard in the past that the manual convertible tops were not available on the E-bodies early in the model year & this sheet does not have the P37 code for the power top, so that may be why it was rescheduled? The car had a power top when advertised in 2003, so it will be cool to see if the original order was edited if it was holding the cars build up too long.

As always, proof the car still exists & proof of legal ownership will be required to claim this broadcast sheet.


The goal of the 1970 Hamtramck Registry is to provide an organization for the owners and admirers of these cars. Through the registry we will collect information to try and build an accurate historical record of these cars and use it to help the members when possible. This includes matching up found broadcast sheets, other paperwork or serial numbered components such as fender tags, engine blocks and transmissions. Since Chrysler Corporation chose not to keep records on these cars, creating a database to try and accurately record the information on these cars for historical purposes is one of the major functions of the Registry.

Please click the "REGISTER" link on the left, download the Registration Form in either PDF, HTML or MS Word format, fill out the form as completely as possible and mail it to me at the address above.

If you have not done so already, I urge you to search your car for broadcast sheets. Sometimes there can be as many as 5 in one car, so if you do find one, please keep looking, there could be more. They do not always match the car they are found in due to how the assembly lines at the plant were run. If you find any sheets, please let me know if they match or not. It is very common to find a sheet for a different model of the same car. I have also heard of Challenger sheets in Cuda's and vice versa.

Here are some places to look:

  • Taped to the back side / top of the glove box insert.
  • Under the front bucket seats in the springs
  • Inside the bucket seat backs
  • Under the rear seat bottom
  • In the rear seat back.
  • Under the package tray (speaker shelf)
  • Under the carpet

Please check all these locations and let me know what you find.

Thank you all,
Barry Washington at The 1970 Hamtramck Registry and The Challenger T/A Registry

Special thanks to Johan Ronkainen for hosting this site. We could not have done it without him.

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