Installing a 6-Way seat adjuster in your 1970 or 1971 Challenger or Barracuda model.
Text and photos by numbers geek Barry Washington

Letís face it, the older we get the more uncomfortable our cars are to drive on long trips. This can be remedied though, the C62 Manual seat adjuster was a factory option on these cars, and if you are lucky enough to find one they are easy to install. In addition to sliding back and forth like the normal seat tracks, you can also raise or lower the backs and fronts of the seats with these. If you are tall you can slam it all the way to the floor for more headroom while shorter drivers can raise it up enough to actually see over the hood. If you get kicked out of the house and need to sleep in the car they recline. Who could ask for more?

We will be adding this seat adjuster to a 1970 Challenger T/A, here is a photo of the floor that we will be drilling holes in very soon.

The floors have dimples on where to drill the new holes, but it is always a good idea to mock these up before doing any drilling. The original holes for the inboard seat track are reused.

These add a bit of weight to the car and the springs are pretty strong. Due to these factors the seat adjuster uses special under floor braces and mounting hardware. Note the four dimples marked in white in this photo, they need to be drilled out, use a ½” drill bit. Note the brackets that will mount in the new holes as well. They are different too, the short one goes in front and the longer one at the rear. Make sure you use some type of rust proofing on the edges of the new holes! These two photos show a used set and a new reproduction set from Harm’s Automotive.

These two close up photos show the attaching brackets, one stud will go into the old seat track bolt hole and the other stud will go into one of the new holes.


Here is a photo showing the under floor braces and the associated attaching hardware.

Once you are sure you know what you are doing, drill through the four dimples.

Here is a view from under the car showing the new holes.

Now it is time to install the brackets that hold the larger braces in. Drop them into the holes. See the small hole in the center? That is for a sheet metal screw to secure the bracket. In a minute you will be under the car installing the under floor braces and the screw keeps the bracket in place while you thread the nuts on from underneath the car. The photos show the front bracket, do this again for the rear bracket.

Now you can install the under floor braces, they slide into the old outer seat reinforcing brackets then push them up to the floor and install the nuts on the studs and tighten. Here is how they should look once you have completed this step.

Time for a test fit, the 6-way adjust drops right in!

Now it is time to remove the original seat tracks if you have not done so already. The 6-way bracket bolts to the seat frame using the same bolts and holes as the original tracks.

Bolt the seat into the car and you are done! Easy as pie, and much more comfortable to drive from now on.

More manual seat information;

If your adjusters chrome knobs are missing, broken or too beat up to reuse, they are available from Tonyís Parts. Call 302-398-0821 or online at Tony's Parts

Reproduction under floor reinforcement brackets and mounting hardware kit are available through Restorations by Rick Kreuziger online at Restorations by Rick Kreuziger

If you have a Mopar 6-way seat adjuster and you need to know what model it fits, visit this page of Nick Taylorís site for text and photos. Nick's Garage

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